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We offer: dive centre & equipment, own dive boat, super prices!

Our own dive centre offers organized dive and snorkel trips of one to several days with our own dive boat. We are specialized in scuba diving trips to the world-famous Apo Reef, the world's second largest reef and one of the ten most interesting reefs in the world.

Gustav's Place is also the nearest dive centre to about 2.5 km away dive paradise Pandan coral islands in the South China Sea with its great sea turtles.


This atoll is about 40 square kilometres in size and offers countless dive sites with numerous fish and marine life of all kinds. But not only for diving, for snorkelers it is also a paradise and a unique experience.

Other special features are our multi-day diving, snorkelling, boat safaris to Palawan, Busuanga or Coron to the Japanese wrecks from the Second World War.

We also offer scuba diving courses and give the inexperienced access to a magical and colourful underwater world.

Complete diving equipment is available in sufficient quantities. Well prepared, equipped and supervised, you are ready for your first dive. All prices are available on request. Cheap package deals and cheap group rates!

Apo Reef

Thanks to the efforts of the Philippine government, Apo Island has been protected by the state for about 20 years, has been declared a national park and is steadily gaining in popularity.

The closest and therefore ideal starting point for this excursion is the town of Sablayan with the beach resort Gustav's Place.

Our own boat, a typical local outrigger boat (Bangka), drives around 40 kilometres out into the South China Sea several times a week in 2 hours.

Apo Island is an island amid a 40,000-hectare area, where countless reef structures almost reach the surface of the ocean. The abundance of fish around the atoll is unique and overwhelming!
Extremely spectacular, vertically sloping reef edges - and in addition the warm, turquoise and crystal-clear waters allow unclouded depths of more than 30 meters.

During this dive you will experience a magical, fantastic world under water with the most colourful corals and deep-sea animals of all types and sizes. From the smallest coral fish to the big shark, cuttlefish, octopus, seahorses, moray eels, mantas, starfish and hedgehogs, crabs, turtles, clams and many other organisms accompany you on your underwater safari.
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